Instrumentation Extraction
ZiXpress Series
ZiXpress 32
2019-10-19-19-59-03-(B,Radius8,Smoothing4)_2 – 複製
2019-10-19-19-59-03-(B,Radius8,Smoothing4)_2 – 複製
ZiXpress Series

ZiXpress 32

Compact and sleek instrumentation that is ideal for clinical diagnosis, used to purify 1 to 32 samples simultaneously per run

  • Diversity kits for different sample
  • Bottom touch technology
  • Magnetic pillar technology
  • Easy run, easy clean
Cat No. ZP01013
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Product Details

Key features of ZiXpress 32:

  • With 32 or 64 tests/run, 10-42 min/run, provides high throughput & short turnaround time.
  • Provides an easy-to-use 7” touch screen interface, with muti-language and intuitive UI, no external PC required.
  • Optimized magnetic pillar provides reliable and reproducible extraction results.
  • Fully editable protocols for use with third-party reagents.
  • High-quality extraction performance with Bottom Touch Technology,

ZiXpress is an open magnetic pillar aNAP platform. This reliable platform offers users the freedom to operate with optimized prefilled reagent kits or non-prefilled consumables. With reproducible performance, affordable price structure, and editable protocols, it is perfect for labs of any industry or clinical diagnostic.

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Bottom Touch Technology

The comb accurately touches the plate’s well bottom in every mixing move, the excellent and efficient mixing provides high-quality extraction performance.

Zinexts Magnetic Pillar Technology