Oncology / Biomarkers

Oncology / Biomarkers

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Cancer has been one of the leading causes of death in our society, but a clinically proven circulating biomarker that can help guide patient management is only available for a minority of cancer patients. However, through discovering the genetic alterations responsible for the initiation and progression of human cancers, a new generation of biomarkers has become available.

Zinexts focuses on this non-invasive approach that enables disease screening and diagnosis based on blood or urine samples. Evaluation of the circulating-free DNA (cfDNA) or circulating tumor cells (CTC) with biomarkers in liquid biopsy is now the majority method to screen, diagnose, and monitor cancer. Furthermore, epigenetic testing (i.e., DNA methylation) is currently a developing area for cancer biomarkers implemented into clinical practice. We aim to provide molecular diagnostic solutions for cancer screening, especially for the fields of CTCs, cfDNA, and DNA methylation biomarkers.

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