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Zinexts Cultivates Young Talent with Comprehensive Internship Program

Zinexts Cultivates Young Talent with Comprehensive Internship Program

Zinexts recently hosted an eight-week internship program for students from Taipei Medical University’s School of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology. This program provided students with extensive learning experiences across various departments.

During the intership, students rotated through Sales & Marketing, Instrument and Reagent Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Regulatory Affairs departments. This rotation offered them a comprehensive understanding of the critical stages from product development to market launch, as well as practical insights into each department’s role in the biotech industry.

The program included exams and reports in each department, culminating in a final presentation where students shared their findings. They discussed their initial expectations versus their actual experiences, identified which department best suited their skills, and reflected on the insights they gained throughout the internship.

All the interns expressed gratitude for the hands-on experience and exposure to different departmental styles. They appreciated the opportunity to explore various career paths in the biotech field and discovered new possibilities for their futures.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our colleagues and supervisors who generously shared practical knowledge and insights, enriching the interns’ understanding of corporate culture and reducing their uncertainties about future careers. At Zinexts, we are committed to cultivating young talent and supporting the next generation of biotech professionals.