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ZiXpress 96S
ZiXpress Series

ZiXpress 96s

Compact and sleek instrumentation that is ideal for clinical diagnosis, used to purify 1 to 96 samples simultaneously per run

  • Diversity kits for different sample
  • Rotary Mixing Technology
  • Easy run, easy clean
Cat No. ZP01024
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Product Details

Key features of ZiXpress 96s:

  • Fully automated nucleic acid purification system, providing up to 96 samples per run.
  • Single rod sleeve and auto-fit design.
  • Purify 96 samples within 20 minutes.
  • 7” super scale color touch screen.
  • compatible with ZiXpress reagent kits.

The ZixPress 96s is a fully-automated sample preparation system with Rotary Mixing Technology.

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Rotary Mixing Technology

With RMT, ZiXpress 96s can overcome the shortcomings of the traditional nucleic acid extraction methods and achieve a rapid and efficient preparation of nucleic acids from a large number of samples.

The 360-degree rotation creates full-angle oscillation. Compared with the conventional up-to-down mixers, the mixing of magnetic beads and sample reagents is faster and more uniform, further ensuring stable and efficient nucleic acid purification.