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Viral RNA Extraction Kit
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Viral RNA Extraction Kit

Cat No. ZP02205
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Product Description

The product’s purpose is to extract and purify viral nucleic acids from serum, plasma, saliva, sputum samples, clinical swab samples, cell-free body fluids, or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The elution product has high purity and complete fragments. The nucleic acids purified by using the ZiXpress® assortment are suitable for a variety of biological samples, which are essential and broadly used in many molecular biology downstream applications such as genetic screening, sequencing, food safety, forensics, etc.

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Performance Data

Expected Purity and Yield

Using HCV serum from patient as sample to extract viral RNA by ZiXpress® Viral RNA Extraction Kit. 200 μl sample was extracted and eluted in 120 μl. 15 μl elution was used for real-time PCR by AmpliSens® HCV/HBV/HIV-FRT PCR kit. Two repeat samples can be detected, proving the excellent reproducibility of the isolation procedure.

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