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Plasma cfDNA Extraction Kit
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Plasma cfDNA Extraction Kit

Cat No. ZP02033
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Product Description

The MagPurix® Plasma cfDNA Extraction Kit is designed to extract cfDNA from plasma samples using MagPurix® EVO series automated instruments. The kit uses unique magnetic ZiBeads® technology, which achieves superior product quality, consistent and high product yield and reproducible results. The purified DNA is suitable for a wide range of diagnostic and research applications, including sequencing, genotyping, and qPCR detection.

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Performance Data

Very high recovery rate of cfDNA extraction from plasma, down to very low cfDNA levels.

Superb reproducibility in the cfDNA extraction process from plasma, using 12 replicates of samples with 3 different cfDNA levels each.

Excellent extraction performance, matching the market-leading brand’s results.

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