Instrumentation Extraction
MagPurix Series
MagPurix 12 N.E.O.
MagPurix Series

MagPurix 12 N.E.O.

Compact and sleek instrumentation that is ideal for clinical diagnosis, used to purify 1 to 12 samples simultaneously per run

  • Diversity kits for different sample
  • Full automation & walk away system
  • Advanced liquid handling system
  • Easy run, easy clean
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Product Details

Key features of MagPurix 12 N.E.O. :

  • No touch quick log-in with barcode scanning, no manual input required
  • Automatic open/close tray for easy sample load
  • Simple smart user interface for easy set-up and effortless process
  • Optimized designs in consumables and compartments for enhanced results and efficient operation
  • Advanced functionality accessible with a computer connected to instrument, allowing access to any desired run, log, protocol settings, and much more.

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Polygon Reaction Chamber

Precise liquid handling patented sliding slope design ensure better purification efficiency of lysis and elution and minimizes the residues of magnetic beads and alcohol in final elute products

Patented Liquid handling system

Advanced Magnetic Bead Extraction Technology

The MagPurix technology is a state-of-the-art platform that uses magnetic bead to extract nucleic acids from samples. The platform commits a truly walk-away automation in nucleic acid purification from samples to results. The purification process contains steps of lysis, binding, washing and elution.


Optimized reaction chamber

  • New V-shape reaction chamber provides improved efficiency in lysis and elution that enhances extraction results

New technology in the Heating & Magnet Module

  • New heating and magnet module provides overall operation efficiency

New designs in tip holder and secure tip

  • The designs are optimized to provide a smoother extraction process