Instrumentation Extraction
MagPurix Series
MagPurix 12 EVO
MagPurix Series

MagPurix 12 EVO

Compact and sleek instrumentation that is ideal for clinical diagnosis, used to purify 1 to 12 samples simultaneously per run

  • Diversity kits for different sample
  • Full automation & walk away system
  • Advanced liquid handling system
  • Easy run, easy clean
Cat No. ZP01018
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Key features of MagPurix 12 EVO:

  • Provides an accurate and reliable solution for nucleic acid isolation from a variety of samples (i.e., whole blood, serum, plasma, swabs, tissue etc.)
  • Provides a variety of sample volumes with the process capability of 1-12 samples per run
  • Delivers premium nucleic acid quality for any downstream application, like qPCR, NGS, and many more.
  • Embedded video recording system to provide sample records and assist technical support
  • Instrument Real-time self-calibration to save routine maintenance work

The MagPurix EVO series is the fully-automated clinical sample preparation system for fast, high-purity, high-yield nucleic acids and cell purification from a wide range of sample types for molecular diagnostic, biological diagnostic, clinical diagnostic, and forensic. The benefits include a compact, user friendly and intuitive interface, pre-loaded protocols with free upgrades. The MagPurix EVO Systems empower scientists and laboratories to achieve meaningful results with confidence and simplified sample preparation to minimize hands-on time, handling error and purification variability.

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Polygon Reaction Chamber

Precise liquid handling patented sliding slope design ensure better purification efficiency of lysis and elution and minimize the residues of magnetic beads and alcohol in final elute products

Patented Liquid handling system

The MagPurix technology is a state-of-the-art platform that uses magnetic bead to extract nucleic acids from samples. The platform commits a truly walk-away automation in nucleic acid purification from samples to results. The purification process contains steps of lysis, binding, washing and elution.