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HPV DNA Extraction Kit
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HPV DNA Extraction Kit

Cat No. ZP02206
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Product Description

The product purpose is to extract and purify DNA from Human Papillomavirus (HPV) from cervical cell samples which are collected by cervical brush or genital swab in liquid-based medium* (e.g., Hologic Thinprep PreservCyt®, BD SurepathTM, etc.) or other STM (sample transport media) preservation solutions (e.g., QIAGEN DNA PAP Cervical sampler, Roche Cobas® PCR Cell Collection Media, Hybribio cell preservation solution, etc.). The nucleic acids purified by ZiXpress® system are suitable for a variety of molecular diagnostic assays which are essential and broadly used in many downstream applications such as infectious agent detection, genetic screening, sequencing, food safety, forensics, etc.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Performance Data

Expected Purity and Yield

The performance of the ZiXpress HPV DNA extraction kit (green) was compared with the QIAGEN MinElute Virus Kit (red), using 200 μl HPV swab samples in PreservCyt collection medium for extraction. The result showed similar performance of HPV extraction to market leading brand.

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