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Zinexts Receives Recognition for COVID-19 Contribution from Taiwan CDC

Zinexts Receives Recognition for COVID-19 Contribution from Taiwan CDC

Zinexts has received an award for its swift response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its contribution to laboratory work in analyzing the virus in Taiwan. Back in 2020, when Taiwan had limited knowledge about dealing with the novel virus, Zinexts had already conducted verification on our instruments for extracting the virus. We subsequently sent our MagPurix instruments to Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital for further laboratory work.

Clinical Laboratory at Wanfang Hospital
Central Laboratory at Taipei Medical University Hospital

The compact size of Zinexts’ instruments proved to be advantageous, as they could be easily accomodated within Biological Safety Cabinets. This enabled Wanfang Hospital to modify protocols and ensure the safe extraction of the virus. At a time when the severity and nature of the virus were not fully understood, such safety precautions were crucial.

In support of Taiwan’s fight against COVID-19, Zinexts generously donated to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Taiwan two automated MagPurix extraction instruments along with 100 MagPurix viral extraction kits and buffer for viral inactivation. This contirbution helped to enhance the capabilities of the CDC and facilitate the work of laboratory professionals in analyzing the virus.

Zinexts’ donations of instruments and extraction kits to CDC in Taiwan

As a Taiwanese medical device manufacturer specializing in Molecular Diagnostics, we take great pride in our products and services. Our commitment to society drives us to provide innovative solutions, like our MagPurix technology, which delivers remarkable impacts and efficacy. During the COVID-19 outbreak, our MagPurix technology has been recognized by Australian government laboratories in Christmas Island1, who have fully embraced our technology and acknowledged its effectiveness.

Coronavirus Surveillance Lab in Christmas Island

Zinexts’ prompt response to the pandemic and our active involvement in laboratory work to analyze the virus demonstrated the importance of proactive measures and our commitment to tackling the crisis. We not only provided reliable instruments but also implemented safe precautions and solutions for laboratory professionals, underscoring the importance of ensuring their well-being.

Zinexts’ collaboration with healthcare institutions and the dedication to assiting in the analysis of the virus have played a significant role in Taiwan’s efforts to combat COVID-19. Our swift actions and emphasis on safety have contributed to mitigating the challenges posed by the virus and have set an example for effective crisis management.

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