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Brand NEW ZiXpress 32 system


Zinexts, your trusted automation solution provider, is announcing its lastest sample purification system. The ZiXpress 32 is the answer to many of real world laboratory technicians, it provides you the highest purification quality, quick in process, flexible on the reagent choices and cost effective solution.

The ZiXpress 32 can process 32 samples in a quick 20 minutes, great for the laboratory that needs mideum to large throughtput and yet looking for very small footprint solution.

The ZiXpress 32 is also ideal for the users who want the full control of the process. The open system design not only let you control the protocol, the ZiXpress 32 also allows you to choose the reagents from Zinexts ZiXpress reagent kit, ZiXpress reagent buffer or your own reagent buffers.

For more information, please contact your local Zinexts distributor or Zinexts team at sales@zinexts.com.

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