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About Zinexts

Zinexts Life Science Corporation is a leading molecular biotechnology company. We continuously develop advanced, reliable and cost effective instruments and reagent products for life science research and clinical diagnosis.

  • Independent R&D Capabilities
  • Original Designs
  • Market-focused Innovations
  • High-quality Manufacturing

Our in-house R&D team sets us apart from other biotech companies who outsource their design and production processes. At Zinexts, we can independently research, develop and manufacture equipment and chemical reagents from start to finish. Today, we are proud to be the most trusted provider of molecular biology automation solutions. Our solutions have benefitted over 2 million people and counting.

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Latest News


MagPurix CFC DNA Extraction Kit Announcement


Zinexts Life Science Corporation is proud to announce the launching of MagPurix Cell-Free Circulating (CFC) DNA Extraction Kit and MagPurix Cell-Free Circulating (CFC) DNA Extraction Kit Large Volume. Its a growing trend that through analysis of circulating cell-free DNA from pregnant women or circulating tumor cell from peripheral blood samples, we can obtain information about fetus or disease conditions with this non-invasive method. The MagPurix CFC DNA extraction kit provides an efficie

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See You at AACC 2016 This Summer!


  We are sincerely inviting you to visit our booth and learn the latest development of Zinexts at American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Meeting 2016 in Philadelphia, PA, USA, from July 31st – August 4th. Zinexts has been participating AACC Annual Meeting since the first year of our business. We are lucky to know a lot of experts and professionals in biomedical field, later, many of you have become our close partners and friends. In July 2016, Zinexts is keeping this tr

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Visit us at Arab Health 2016


  Zinexts proudly announce that we are attending this year’s Arab Health 2016, from January 25th through 28th, 2016 in Dubai, UAE. Zinexts has seen the market potential in the region of Middle East and North Africa (MENA), we have been involving multiple projects in this region from the day one. This year, we are taking some even bolder than before actions to be its regional leading player. A recent report from Al Masah Capital Research predicts that the healthcare sector i

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Zinexts integrates multiple techniques including molecular biology, electronics, mechanical engineering, and chemistry, to develop a reliable, easy-to-use, automated robot for nucleic acid extraction with an affordable price.

Core Features

  • Walk-away Automation
  • Press and Go
  • Reliable build quality
  • Magnetic Bead Technology
  • Liquid Handling
  • Patented reaction chamber



Zinexts has devoted itself to create most innovative fully automatic life science research solutions for our customers. Zinexts integrates multiple techniques including molecular biology, electronics, mechanical engineering, and chemistry, to develop state of art, reliable, easy-to-use, automated robot systems with an affordable price.

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Zinexts MagPurix uses prefilled reagent cartridges which individually engineered for each tasks. The test reagents are prepared in a special arrangement for the optimize results, no need to memorize the sequences or scratch head to guess what comes next. With fully automatic MagPurix system, there are one step forward to reduce the biggest error factor in the procedure.

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Core Features

  • We are here to support you
  • Prefilled reagent cartridge
  • Optimized design for supreme yield extraction
  • Steady performance
  • highly reproducibility and integrity


Zinexts OEM / ODM


Zinexts Life Science Corp. is a leading professional designer and manufacturer, producing ODM/OEM life science products. Our OEM / ODM products include both lab automation instrumentation and reagents.

We Have High Quality


The OEM/ODM service team was established to accomodate customer demand for the best quality.

We Are Cost-effective


The OEM/ODM service team was established to accomodate customer demand for cost-effective products with a quick development to market turnaround time.

We Provide Total Solution


By leveraging its expertise in product research and logistics arrangement, Zinexts offers customers a total turnkey solution from product conception and design to production and logistics arrangement.


Technical Support

If you have any questions or issues about our products or services, our team of product and service support is ready to assist.



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